Getting Access

Access to the State Business Incentives Database is available to C2ER members. The range of C2ER membership benefits are available at three different membership levels: Research Professional, Organizational, and Premium Organizational. C2ER membership level also determines the amount of Database information and features accessible to users, detailed below. For more information about becoming a member, please click here or contact C2ER at

Database information and feature access by member level:

Benefit Levels Research

(1 Individual)
(3 Individuals)

(10 Individuals)
Basic Information
  • State, Program Name, Program Provider, Program Description, Website
  • Filterable by state
Database Tools
  • Search function
  • Export function
  • Analysis tools (State-to-State Comparison, Totals by State)
Program at a Glance
  • Program Category
  • Program Type
  • Business Need
  • Program Industry
  • Geographic Focus
Contact Information
  • Contact Name, Address, Telephone, Email
Program Details
  • Program Objective
  • Program Specifics
Eligibility and Application Information
  • Eligibility Requirements
  • Application Information and Link
Statutory Background
  • Program Start
  • Program Finish
  • Program Cap
  • Program Administration Type
  • Legal Citation
Fiscal Information
  • Funding Source
  • Tax Type
  • Fiscal Year
  • Amount Expended